Breast Lifting

Breast Lifting

The breast is one of the erogenous organs, which has secondary sex character, and symbolizing femininity. Every woman wants to have beautiful breasts with aesthetic appearance. However, the breast tissue having volume loss due to growth retardation or post-partum weight loss may have a saggy appearance after the degradation of the quality of surrounding skin. It is possible to beautify the appearance of the saggy breasts that have lost their filling and the posture with breast lifting operations. Breast lifting surgery is only an attempt to contour the breast and to remove sagging, it does not give volume to the breast. In such cases, breast implant application in order to give volume to the breast should be performed if augmentation is requested.

Skin and breast tissue should be assessed separately. As a result of this assessment, details of the process to be carried out are decided. The technique of surgery varies according to the degree of sagging of the breasts. In cases of low ptosis, the nipple is moved to its normal position and excess skin around it is removed. If the ptosis is excessive, the excess skin should also be removed from the lower half of the breast.

Two different techniques are used for breast augmentation operations, as Lajour and Central Pedicle. Lajour has lower scar rate and gives faster result, however, sensory loss and unable to breastfeeding risks are higher with this operation. I prefer to use the central pedicle technique frequently on my patients. My purpose is to shape the breast and breast tissue without tension, and to minimize the scar with these techniques.

Preservation of the nipple while giving an aesthetic shape, moving the nipple and aerola to their new place without disrupting their feeding and not to affect suckling are the considerations, which must be considered while deciding the details of the method. In breast lifting surgeries, the skin separated from the breast tissue first, then breast tissue is lifted, and skin wrapped around the lifted structure without causing any tension. With these methods, which I prefer for breast lifting, sense of nipple is not damaged, milking channels are not affected, and a long-lasting steep and contoured breast can be obtained.


If the breasts are too saggy, in addition to the operation mark around the areola, there will be a scar reaching vertically from the nipple to the bottom line. This scar is not very visible light-skinned people and the people having normal wound healing physiology. The visibility of the scars can also vary according to the structural characteristics of the person’s skin.  The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in a full-fledged hospital, the average duration is three hours and the patient is required to stay overnight. An edema (swelling) that lasts for a few weeks occurs in the breasts and the breasts will take their original shape after this period, and the patient will not have pain after surgery. Surgical scars will gradually decrease in months. Breast lifting surgery is one of the aesthetic operations with the highest patient satisfaction. It takes three to six months for the breasts to take their final shape.