Lip Aesthetic

Lip Aesthetic

With aesthetic operations, thin lips can be thickened with autogenous tissues such as dermofat grafts or fat grafts or with tissue-compatible hyaluronic acid-based fillers. Thicker lips can be thinned and the sagging at the lip edges seen in older ages can be corrected by surgical procedures. The lips play an important role in our aesthetic appearance. The plump, fresh, red lips have been regarded as important elements of women’s charm for years. Lip contours can be made visible through injectable materials or permanent make-up. Plastic surgery allows you to get rid of the wrinkles around your mouth and lips, to fill your thin lips, or to thin your lips at the desired level if your lips are too thick. Thus, it is possible to make your face more charming, attractive and younger. The wrinkles around the lip can be removed by injection of collagen or hyaluronic acid, or by laser application at appropriate occasions. The correct diagnosis of the flaw, the correct definition of the problem will bring the aesthetic result automatically.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is made for the purpose of increasing fullness of the lips whose lips are thinner than desired. Lip augmentation can be done by shaping the red part of the lip, or by placing or injecting fillers from very small cuts. Lip augmentations has become more frequent in recent years with the injection of fillers. Some of these injected materials are solid and need to be implanted, some are soft enough to be injected and can be injected without an incision into the lip. Lip augmentation through fat injection can be performed under local anesthesia by removing fat from the inside part of the abdomen or leg. Approximately half of the placed fat amount is permanent. Your daily life can return in two or three days.

Lip Thinning

This is done by minimizing the red part which causes the thick appearance of the lips and moving it from the outside to the inside. At the end of lip-thinning surgery, there is a slight scar on the inside part of the lips, this scar is imperceptible and not visible. It can be done with general or limited anesthesia.

Ptosis on the lips

Saggy lip corners can be moved to their old places with a surgical intervention. At the end of the surgery, where the drooping lips are smoothed, there is a slight scar of 1-2 centimeters on the border of the red parts of the lip. In addition to this, the improvement in the ptosis of the lip edges significantly improves the facial expression. In some eligible patients, sagging at the lip edges can also be removed during face lift surgery.

Lip Rejuvenatio

Multiple processes needed to provide rejuvenation on the lips. Procedures that can be done are as follows:

Lip thickening:

Lips can be thickened by injections of various artificial or natural substances.
Correction of the ptosis on the lip edges: Ptosis on the lip edges may be corrected during face lifting operations or lip surgeries.
Removing the wrinkles on the lips: The skin with the wrinkles around the lips is scraped down with a peeler, such as laser, chemical peeling or dermabrasion. In recent years, it has become much easier to get rid of your fine wrinkles with radio frequency gold needle treatment.

Lip contour definition

Lip contour definition is also possible with laser treatments, but the most commonly, the fillers are also used for this purpose. The fillers used are not made of silicon, they are composed of hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid is already a substance in the composition of human tissues.

Permanent Make-Up Applications

Permanent makeup is a tattoo designed to highlight the edges of the lip. Apart from that, this method can be also used to vanish and hide stitch marks on the lips.